Welcome to The Bay Cleaning Company.
Whether you’re a homeowner needing affordable house cleaning, a rental tenant chasing your bond or a real estate agent or airbnb owner seeking a professional Byron Bay cleaning service… We would love to hear from you!

Our Cleaning Packages:

The Hourly Freshen Up package. If you are looking for a quick clean of certain areas of your house, then our “Hourly Rate” service would be best for you. On our hourly rates we can be completely flexible with the cleaning we provide and simply do as much work as possible in the time booked.
These types of one off cleans are great for if you need certain specific areas cleaned (e.g. kitchen, bathrooms, floors) or if you just are looking for a quick spruce up of certain areas.

The Hourly Spring Cleaning package is an extensive deep clean designed to thoroughly clean your home from top to bottom. We all know that when life gets busy, certain things can fall by the wayside and get forgotten about, and one of those things is definitely the house cleaning! But don’t worry or be embarrassed if you have let the housework go, we have created our “Spring Clean” services exactly for this reason.

Whenever you feel your house cleaning has been neglected for too long (our recommendation is 4-6 weeks+) then we would suggest considering booking a Spring Clean. This basically entails a full and thorough clean of all the general cleaning required in your home. The Spring Clean allows extra time for our cleaning teams to lift the extra dust/dirt/grime that may have built up since the last full clean.

The Regular package. If you are interested in a regular weekly or fortnightly cleaning service, we recommend booking a Premium cleaning package first, then changing to our Freshen Up package afterwards.  That way, all areas of your home start off sparkling clean, and they’ll stay sparkling clean!

The End Of Lease package. Moving home can be a very stressful situation and at The Bay Cleaning Co we completely understand how you feel.
We can eliminate some of the stress, and much of the labour, by professionally cleaning the premises for you.  All End of Lease packages with The Bay Cleaning Co come with a 100% bond-back guarantee as standard. What this means is that if on the rare occasion your agent is not completely happy with the cleanliness of the property, we will pop back completely free of charge and attend to the issues with the agent related to your service.

We can also deal directly with your agent so that you do not need to worry about the situation at all.

For us, the service we provide is more than just a clean. We are all about the little finishing touches that will put a smile on your face and make your day. When booking a clean with The Bay Cleaning Co we will do our best to leave your home in immaculate condition and we will try to do the little things that you don’t expect too!


Frequently asked questions:

How long does it take?
The total time required to clean your home can vary based on:

•the size of your property
• the cleaning tasks you would like us to perform
• the amount of mess/clutter
• the level of dirtiness/soiling
• the quantity of furnishings/ornaments
• the time since last cleaned

Since the condition of your properties can vary significantly and having not seen your premises, we will do as much as possible per your priority areas to clean within the allocated time specified in the package or quote and will arrange additional time with you if desired for our future visit.


When and how do I pay? 
We offer a range of payment methods to pay for your cleaning service including credit card, bank transfer, paypal, cash, cheque or money order.

Payment should be made either prior to, or at the time of your cleaning service, unless otherwise agreed. We will issue you with a tax invoice/receipt (usually via email) within 48 hours of the completion of your service.

Please note that for once-only services, such as a End Of Lease package, payment must be made either in advance by credit card, or in cash directly to the cleaners on the day of the service.

For our regular and business customers we also offer a ‘post pay’ option where payment can be made after the service has been completed. In this case, we will periodically issue you with an tax invoice which should be paid within 7 days of the invoice date.

To pay for your cleaning services by credit card, please use our online booking form or call us on 0409 451 822 to pay via telephone.


How do i provide access?
We are all about providing a great, convenient service. Therefore, we are more than happy for you to provide access for our cleaners in a variety of different ways.

The easiest way is to provide remote access – this removes all the stresses and hassle of the logistics. If you have a key safe you would like to use, if you are happy to leave a key out, or if you would even like to hand over a key to your regular cleaners, that is all fine with us.

We do recommend you are at home for the first clean, so you can show the cleaning team around and outline any priorities, but ongoing it is definitely easier and preferable for the cleaners that they are left to their own devices.


Office and workplace cleaning

A clean, fresh and well presented office is vital for any business – especially those that deal face to face with customers!

Unlike franchisers, we establish a relationship with our customers and we are invested in keeping you happy. When you hire The Bay Cleaning Co, you can rest assured that you have hired someone who cares.  We have a dedicated team of cleaners ready to service your office!

Our goal is to completely remove the stress and the hassle from your office cleaning. During the first service we will run through your needs and requirements, adjust the length of the service if needed and from then on we will come through for the regular service and take care of the cleaning without needing to contact you at all.

If you are happy to provide access/a key to our cleaning teams, we are able to come through at any time of day/night. So if it is after-hours cleaning you require, just let us know!


The products we use:

Happy, healthy homes are our mission. Homes where potentially toxic chemicals don’t lurk beneath your sinks or lay in wait on your surfaces.
Homes where clean doesn’t come with eye-watering, breath-holding side effects.

For our Freshen Up packages we use a universal product called ekoWorx or ” Koh ” and we add essential oils like eucalyptus or tea tree for a wonderful clean and fresh scent.

Koh® Universal Cleaner is over TWENTY cleaning products IN ONE TOXIC-FREE solution!

-Formulated by a team at UNSW,

-Koh® Universal Cleaner can be used to clean your entire home faster and more effectively – kitchens, bathrooms, floors, countertops, walls, glass, pet odours, stains, toys…
-Koh® Universal Cleaner is tough on dirt, grease and grime without any harsh toxic chemicals, fumes or fragrances.
-Koh® Universal Cleaner is certified by Good environmental Choice Australia (GECA) and recommended by National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice™ program!
-Koh® Universal Cleaner is safe around humans, pets and is Choose Cruelty Free approved





To make a booking or to obtain a free, no obligation quote, call us today on 0409 451 822 or use our convenient online booking form.

Please allow at least 24 hours before you would like us to start cleaning your home.

We look forward to meeting you!